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CornBelters PONY Pre-game


Bronco, Pony & Colt/Palomino teams will play a game that will begin at the time on your schedule.  Plan to arrive early to warm up.  Ticket will not be required to enter the park for these games.  Teams should bring their own equipment.

Shetland, Pinto & Mustang teams will have approximately 45-60-min on the field to play as many innings as possible prior to a CornBelters home game.  Tickets are required to enter the facility for these events.

Players & Coaches receive complementary tickets; Families can purchase discounted tickets.

The game time on your schedule is the time you will enter the park...your FIELD time begins approximately 10 minutes later.

Approximately 2-3 weeks prior to your scheduled game, a note will be sent to your Head Coach with a discount code & instructions for ordering tickets for families.  PLEASE DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE WITH OTHER TEAMS as it is set up for your specific game.

All players will bat during their team's offensive half inning

All players will play the field during their team's defensive half inning

Shetland players will hit off a tee.  Pinto & Mustang Division players will hit off coach-pitch.

Mustang Coaches should bring their own equipment.  Shetland & Pinto equipment will be provided at the Corn Crib.

NOTE:  Sunflower seeds are NOT allowed on the field!

In the event of inclement weather, The CornBelters will determine if games are being played.  Cancellations of games at The PONY Complex do not necessarily mean that games will be canceled at The Corn Crib.

Additional information can be found on the PONY CornBelter Event flier.

For additional information about the event contact or for CornBelter information contact .

Make it a fun, family event!!