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League History
Year League Champion Player of the Year Pitcher of the Year
2000 Twin City Twins Jim Cassens Greg Kallevig
2001 Bloomington Angels* Chuck McGuire Greg Kallevig
2002 Twin City Twins Chuck McGuire Billy DuBois
2003 Twin City Twins Chuck McGuire Billy DuBois
2004 Twin City Brewers Paul Lawrence Drew Horvath
2005 Twin City Americans Paul Lawrence Tom Whiting
2006 Twin City Breeders* Jason Anglin Mike Brown
2007 Twin City Thoroughbreds* Matt Wingstrom Matt Wingstrom
2008 Twin City Breeders* Mike Badorek Paul Lawrence
2009 Twin City Thoroughbreds* Jason Anglin Matt Wingstrom
2010 Twin City Trotters* Matt Wingstrom Mike Badorek
2011 Twin City Trotters* Michael Wyatt John Wright
2012 Twin City Trotters* Mike Badorek John Wright
2013 Twin City Stallions* Jacob Kennedy Don Peulecke
2014 Twin City Trotters* Brian Quinn

Brian Quinn

2015 Twin City Charleys* Jason Richards Theron Melrose & John Wright
2016 Twin City Breeders* Jason Richards Zach Roberts

* Indicates League Champion determined by tournament.   (Otherwise by best overall record)