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McLean County PONY Baseball
Jeffery A. McClelland Memorial Scholarship



Jeffery A. McClelland Memorial Scholarships are available for a limited number of players based upon need for the Summer baseball program only.  Scholarship funds are awarded to apply to the registration fees only.
Fundraising fees and concession obligation remain the responsibility of scholarship families.  Scholarship players can participate in the annual fundraising program that occurs during February to assist in covering the fundraising portion of the fees.  See the Registration Information for a description of our fee structure.

Jeffery A. McClelland Memorial Scholarships are available for a limited number of players each season based upon need.  The scholarship pays for the registration fee and if our funding level allows, the 'buy-out' of fundraising.  Scholarship is based upon family size and estimated family income (similar to the school lunch program).  A scholarship is awarded at 50% if the participant qualified for the reduced lunch program at their school and 100% if participant qualifies for the free lunch program.  McLean County PONY Baseball Inc. reserves the right to require scholarship applicants to provide documentation of income level upon request.


Applications must be postmarked by December 15 in order to be considered for the upcoming season.  Decisions will be communicated by January 15.

Mail a completed application to:

PO Box 658
Bloomington, IL 61702


Jeffrey A. McClelland (1962-2002) was a husband, father and a coach who had a passion for the game of baseball.  Jeff volunteered at McLean County PONY Baseball as a coach for his two sons, Austin and Casey.  This memorial scholarship reflects Jeff's passion for the game and his desire to allow all children within McLean County an opportunity to play baseball.

Contributions to the Jeffrey A. McClelland Memorial Scholarship Fund can be made by via mail to:
Jeffrey A. McClelland Memorial Scholarship
c/o McLean County PONY Baseball, Inc.
PO Box 658
Bloomington, IL 61702
McLean County PONY Baseball is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization.  We make no representations regarding the tax consequences of your donation.  You should consult with your tax advisor regarding any such tax consequences.