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Batting Cage Rules for use and Reservations

There are two batting cages at The Shira Baseball Complex: East Cage is closest to the Colt Field. West Cage is closest to the Mustang Field.
General Rules:
  • Follow safety rules that are posted.
  • Baseballs are no longer provided, so please bring your own.
  • Check the Master Schedule on the MCPB homepage to ensure the time slot is available.  Or you can check the schedule for each cage:  East Cage Schedule / West Cage Schedule
  • Cages may be reserved for 1 hour at the time
  • To ensure all our teams have access to the cages, teams may be signed up for 1 cage per week with a maximum of 2 active sign-ups at the time.
  • Time slots beginning 90 minutes (and ending 30 minutes) prior to game start times MUST be reserved for teams scheduled to play that day (i.e.11:30am-12:30pm reserved for teams playing a 1:00pm game).
  • PUT AWAY THE BATTING CAGE EQUIPMENT (HELMETS) WHEN FINISHED. If no one else is waiting to use the cages, please put all equipment back into the shed and close the door. Do not assume someone else is going to be using the cages after you.
  • McLean County PONY teams have priority over outside travel teams.
  • Report any problems or safety issues to the WHITE HAT on duty.
We utilize an online signup process for use of the two onsite batting cages.  In order to reserve a cage, you will need to do the following:
  • Sign in to the MCPB website
  • Click Admin (in the upper right corner by Sign in)
  • Hover over Scheduling, then mouse down to Add Game/Practice

Complete the information about your practice making sure these fields are completed as follows:

  • Date/Time – see note in red above.
  • Location = Bloomington, MCPB – ???? Batting Cage (???? = EAST or WEST)

NOTE:  If after entering Date/Time/Location information the fields turn/remain highlighted in red, then there is a conflict with the time/location…meaning another team already has that cage reserved!

  • Category = Practice
  • Team = Select your team (Opponent is not required)
  • Send Notifications Now? = your choice…if selected this will send text and email notices to anyone who has their profile set up to receive them.
Please if you have any questions.