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MCPB Home Run Derby participants:
Thank you for supporting McLean County PONY Baseball’s HR Derby Fundraiser to support the Jeffrey A. McClelland Scholarship and MCPB Capital Improvement Funds!
This event should prove to be a fun night at The PONY Complex!
Sorry, this is a little long, but I’m trying to provide you with enough information to answer your questions.
Please note the following information for all HR Derby participants:
  • Sportsmanship and positive support for all participants is expected!
  • Check-in by the Concession Pavilion between 4:30-6:30.
  • Wear your 2017 MCPB uniform (jersey, hat, shorts are ok!).  Adults should wear their team jersey/fanwear.
  • Players will compete in the following divisions with the following approximate start times…(this is our 2nd year for this event, so please plan for us to either be ahead or behind schedule!).  :
    • 6 & under – start at 5:00pm (or earlier, if possible) on Shetland Field
    • 7 yr olds – start immediately following 6 & under …approximately 5:10pm on Shetland Field
    • 8 yr olds – start immediately following 7 yr olds…approximately 6:20pm on Shetland Field
    • 9 yr olds – start immediately following 8 yr olds…approximately 6:40pm on Shetland Field
    • 10 yr olds – start at 6:50pm (or earlier, if possible) on Shetland Field
    • 11 yr olds – start at 5:00pm on Pinto Field
    • 12 yr olds – start immediately following 11 yr olds…approximately 5:40pm (or earlier, if possible) on Pinto Field
    • 13 yr olds – 5:00pm on Mustang Field
    • 14 yr olds – start immediately following 13 yr olds…approximately 5:30pm on Mustang Field
    • 15-18 yr olds – start at 5:00pm on Bronco Field
    • Coach/Adult – start at approximately 6:15pm on Pony Field
  • Players will take 10 swings.  Players will have approximately 5 minutes to complete their swings.
  • Bring toiletries to donate to Boys & Girls Club to get a BONUS Swing!!  See list of items needed here
  • Meatheads ball (last ball) is worth $10 on Meatheads app.  All winners are eligible to win burgers for the rest of the year...2 names drawn at end of HR Derby event!
  • Awards will be given to the Champion & Runner-up in each division.  In the event of a tie, there will be a one-swing ‘swing-off’.  Details will be provided to participants in the event of a tie.  Players must be present at the appropriate field at the time of the ‘swing-off’ or they will be disqualified.
  • Participants will be allowed to shag balls in the outfield under the following guidelines:
    • Players MUST pay attention to the hitter at all times!
    • Players MUST allow EVERY batted ball to hit the ground before fielding it.
    • Players should immediately throw balls to a designated location so balls can be collected & returned to the pitcher.
    • The # of players allowed on the field at any time will be limited to ensure player safety.
    • The Field Coordinator reserves the right to remove any player(s) from the field for any reason.
  • The scoreboard on the Bronco & Pony Fields will be used to track each hitter’s progress as follows:
    • Home Score = # of Home Runs
    • Visitor Score = # of Swings Taken
Also, please note that the follow is planned at the Complex on Monday night, too!
  • B-N Community Bank is running a grill with $1 items (hot dogs, chips, bottles of water, cans of soda, candy, popcorn) & $2 cotton candy.  Proceeds donated to MCPB!
  • K’s Academy will have a radar gun in the batting cages to test bat exit speed & pitching velocity.
  • Distance Throw in Colt outfield
  • Method Sports Performance will have a speed test set up to measure running speed.
  • Meatheads will have the ‘Wheel of Meat’… spin & win!
  • Advanced Rehab offering free screenings!
  • Sherman's Big Screen w/baseball videos!
  • SuperCuts Colored hair spiking station!
  • Auto Motion cards ($20 for 2 oil changes & more) and Sonic cards ($5) available.  Proceeds to MCPB!
  • 50/50 Drawing w/secondary prizes!!!
  • Local mascots are scheduled to make appearances.
  • TEKSystems Dunk Tank - kids can be 'targets', so bring towels & dry clothes!!
Thank you for playing McLean County PONY Baseball!!